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The history of Yiwu

Population : 1,8 millions of inhabitants
Surface : 1105 km²

Yiwu city was discovered in 222 BC during the Qin dynasty. The county took its name in 624. However, the city was created in 1988. In 1995, Yiwu ranked the 47th among the 100 most powerful cities in China. In 2011, its economy was the 19th of China.

Located 100km away from Hangzhou which is the capital city of Zhejiang province, this international city is in the center of the province. It is a very cosmopolitan place because more than half of its inhabitants are not permanent but they are workers or sellers.

Yiwu has around 1, 8 millions of inhabitants. From a small and countryside city Yiwu became the biggest international market for small commodities. The slogan of the city is "An ocean of goods, a paradise for consumers". This place attracts traders of the whole world for their wholesale purchases. China Yiwu International Trade City is a shopping center which gathers more than 20 000 shops. Transactions in these shops have influence on the retail price of products in every country of the world.

Yiwu is now the biggest export center in the world for daily goods because it knew how to attract companies from all over the world. More than 1500 containers are daily leaving from there. That is why it is a city of international trade that cannot be ignored.

The markets of Yiwu

Yiwu is composed of several markets where customers from the whole world come to purchase small commodities. 60 to 70% of its products are exported abroad. This city is divided in several districts with different markets.

Figures about Yiwu market:

  • 700 000 m²
  • More than 20 000 shops
  • More than 1 500 000 products exhibited
  • More than 60 000 sales persons
  • More than 4 000 international and Chinese companies have their shop in Yiwu
  • More than 3000 agencies from more than 40 different countries in the world
  • Products are sold in more than 140 countries in the world

Yiwu is a « market city » because the entire city is composed of market. There are 20 different markets which are located in the same building for some of them.

  • Arts and decoration market
  • DIY and gardening material market
  • Umbrella market
  • Fake flowers market
  • Office stationery market
  • Sports articles and other leisure articles market
  • Clocks and watches market
  • Glasses market
  • Kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories market
  • Toys market
  • Candles market
  • Cosmetics market
  • Jewelry market
  • Plastic market
  • Phone market
  • Electronic market
  • Handbags market
  • Shoes market
  • Textile market
  • Socks market
The different markets in Yiwu cover a surface of more than 2.5 million of square meters. This includes 1 500 000 products ranked in 1502 different categories. Yiwu is the biggest shopping center of the world but also the most important center for small commodities.

Futian Market

The largest and more recent one is the Futian market.

The Futian market is another name for China Yiwu International Trade City. In the late 18th century, the Futian village became a huge market divided into several districts.
In October 2001, Yiwu found the first district of the Futian market. It really opened on the 22nd of October 2002. Its surface is 340000m² with more than 9000 shops. The first floor is dedicated to flowers and toys, the second to jewelry and to decoration and art products.

The second district of the Futian market opened on the 22nd of October 2004. Its surface is 600000m² with more than 8000 shops. The first floor is composed of luggage, bags, umbrellas and coats. The second floor is composed of electronics components. The third floor is dedicated to daily utensils.

The third district is 460000m² wide and has more than 6000 shops of 14m² each. This district contains cultural and sport products, perfumes, glasses, locks, buttons and clothing.

The fourth district of the Futian market opened on the 21 of October 2008. Its surface is 1 080 000 m² and contains 16000 shops. This is the 6th generation of the Yiwu market. The first floor is composed of socks, the second of daily products, gloves, hats and caps, wool and cotton products. The third floor is dedicated to shoes, towels and lace. The fourth floor has underwear, belts and scarves.

Huangyuan Market

The second market of Yiwu is called Huang Yuan and has 9 000 shops. It opened in 1992 and its surface is 160 000m².

The former Bingwang market and the Huang Yuan market merged together. The Huang Yuan market is now more modern and has added to his textile products all the products of the former Bingwang market.

With 30000 persons passing every day, the Huang Yuan market sends products in 191 different countries.
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