About JusTrade

In China since 2009

WHo are we?

JusTrade is a sino-european company specialized in accompanying importers, retailers or manufacturers from the entire world. We are helping those people who want to get a supplying strategy in China but also in Turkey.

JusTrade offers you a multicultural team of project managers and sourcers. Project managers maintain the relationship with the client while sourcers are intermediaries with suppliers.

Through the years, JusTrade created strategic partnerships in the fields of quality control, logistics and R&D.

Thanks to his experienced Chinese team, JusTrade helps you for the sourcing of the products that you need at the best quality/price. Our sourcers go directly to the suppliers who are on the Yiwu market so as to negotiate the best prices for you. As for the sourcing in the rest of China, our sourcing team has privileged relationship with Chinese suppliers.

Why JusTrade?

In addition, importing products from China allows you to save on production costs. However, the language barrier can lead to dead ends when purchasing products in bulk in the Chinese market.

In this sense, our multicultural team will help you articulate your needs with our interpreters who speak several languages.concerned.

In China:
With its location in strategic cities of China (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu and Shanghai), JusTrade is effective and responsive in the sourcing of products, in quality control or in monitoring logistics through a personalized follow-up.

In Turkey:
Thanks to his office in the city of Gaziantep, 3rd Industrial Zone of Turkey and the leader in the textile and food sector, JusTrade offers expertise on the potential of sourcing in Turkey.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are from various nationalities and from different backgrounds. Some are importers, some are distributors or even manufacturers.

Our services are tailored to all types of customer's demands:

If you do not want to move in China for example and that you just want to work with samples.

If you want to come yourself in the producing countries (in China or in Turkey) and want to be accompanied.

You are satisfied with our first collaboration and you want us to take care of the rest of your orders so as to have only one representative.

Many buyers do not know the Chinese market and prefer to rely on professionals such as JusTrade. We manage the procurement process on behalf of the customer from beginning to end in a thorough and detailed way.
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