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Since 2009

First contact with the customer

Most of our customers are foreigners. In order to get the best products at the best prices, our customers use JusTrade's services as experts on the Chinese market. We answer to the requests as fast as possible and with a high degree of accuracy.

A phone call or a physical meeting is organized so as to work out the product needed by the customer.

After this interview, we establish a specifications that the customer will confirm. Then, we open the sourcing strategies which suit best to the list of specifications.

Sourcing of products

In order to import products from China and Turkey, JusTrade can answer quickly to your request by email or phone. After that, our sourcing team will seek the products that you are looking for, on the market of the country in position.

We are always related to each other so as to define the exact type of product that you are looking for. The more details we have the more precise the sourcing will be. This will help JusTrade to be quicker for the researches.

It is also possible to adapt the products which already exist on the Chinese market to your request. So as to answer in the best way to your demand we can offer you the production of samples. Justrade collaborate with suppliers who are able to produce personalized products.

Most of the suppliers are specialized in the same kind of products. Thus, Justrade helps you to find what suits better to your expectations. Thanks to our supplier's databases, we can provide you a quick answer.


After the sourcing phase and once the order have been placed, the production phase can start.

JusTrade follows day by day how the orders are handled. In a close relationship with suppliers, we make sure that the list of specifications is respected and keep our customer informed.

Unexpected visits are organized in the factories so as to check if the deadlines are respected. This helps us to build a trust relationship with our customer.

Quality control

Quality control is the most important step before the loading of the container. It is necessary because bad controls can lead to the refusal of goods, the buyback of goods or even to judicial proceedings.

JusTrade is committed to provide you high quality products, according to the specifications.

JusTrade also developed a partnership with companies like Bureau Veritas and SGS for the outsourced sourcing.


Thanks to its ten years of experience in shipping and air freight all over the world, we have just created a partnership with Transglory-China, a logistic company.

Our aim is to offer the best services to our customers. This synergy effect helped our customers to benefit from quality services among the best from the market.

Thus Justrade offers solutions which gather trading and logistic.

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